Cathedral of the Annunciation

The Cathedral of the Annunciation is located on Cathedral Square in Kremlin. Easily noticeable with its nine golden domes, it was the personal church of Princes and Tsars of Russia. Before it was built a domestic church from the 14th century stood in its place. A hundred years later it was destroyed and replaced by the Cathedral. It went through many modifications in its history: domes, front steps and chapels were added. The floor of the Cathedral, made of small blocs in silicon, agate and jasper, appears to be coming from Byzantium. Brought to Rostov Velikiy, Ivan the Terrible seems to have asked for their transfer to Moscow. It also contains the oldest iconostasis of Russia. Its icons date back from the 14th century to the 19th century. Since 1993, every April 7th day of the Annunciation to Mary, Moscow’s Patriarchs carry out a religious service in the Cathedral of the Annunciation.
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