Amusement Palace

The Amusement Palace is located in the eastern part of Kremlin, between the Komendantskaya and Troitskaya towers. Built in 1651, it hosted the apartments of boyar Ilya Miloslavsky, father-in-law of Tsar Alexis I. When he died in 1669, the palace went through some changes. In 1672 as the first theatrical representations took place in the palace it started being called the Amusement Palace. In 1679, as a part of the imperial family decided to live there it was extended and partially rebuilt. In 1806, the palace became the residence of Moscow’s commander. In 1874-1875 it was attempted to restore it like it used to be in the 17th century. Above the Amusement Palace one can admire the pretty and colorful Glorification of the Virgin Church. However it hasn’t been a place of worship since Peter the Great.
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