All-Russia Exhibition Centre VVC

The history of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre began in 1935. That year the construction of a place dedicated to welcoming USSR’s first agriculture exhibition that was to take place in 1939. 136 hectares (330 acres) were then converted so as to respond to the huge demand from kolkhozes, sovkhozes, factories and scientific companies. 2000 architects took part in designing it. A 24 meters high statue called “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” that had been created for the 1937 Paris Universal Exhibition was erected right by the entrance. In 1958, the centre became the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKH USSR). Pavilions showed agricultural, industrial and construction achievements of the USSR. Since 1992, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre is a vast exhibition and fair complex. It covers an area of 2 375 sq-meters. Economic, scientific and cultural achievements of Russia and CIS countries are shown in various pavilions. Three hundred events are organized there every year. Visiting the centre allows to get a global idea of Soviet time architectural achievements, as the pavilions are dedicated to different regions of Russia and to the former USSR’s republics. It is very nice to wander around this estate where the fountains and buildings show you another time, another world.
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