House of Unions

The House of Unions was created in 1917. It used to host the Nobility Assembly House. Built in the middle of the 18th century it was first the house of Moscow’s governor Vasily Dolgoruki. The Nobility Assembly House bought it later so as to welcome its club. In 1787, its reconstruction was entrusted to famous Russian architect Matvey Kazakov. In three years, the house was radically transformed. A hall that can hold three thousand seats with a beautiful colonnade was added. Huge crystal chandeliers and wall mirrors were placed between each Corinthian column underlying the beauty of the room. Between 1793 and 1807, the same architect extended the house with a second two-storey building. In 1814 the house was restored after the damaged it undertook during the events of the 1812 Patriotic War. In 1903, a floor was added and that changed entirely the look of the great room. The rest of the house remains in its original style designed by Matvey Kazakov. The House of Unions is considered as one of Moscow’s most beautiful buildings.
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