Petrovsky Putevoi Palace

The construction of the Petrovsky Putevoi (transit) Palace was ordered by Catherine II so as to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire. She required famous architect Matvey Kazakov for its design. Erected in the year 1776-1780, the palace takes on a Neo-Gothic style. Petrovsky Putevoi Palace was one of the palaces in which the imperial family stayed when they left Saint Petersburg and came to Moscow. It hosted Catherine the Great and Paul I in 1787, and Napoleon also stayed in the palace in 1812. Renovated during the reign of Nicolas I, it later welcomed Nicolas II. Painted white during World War I, it was turned into a hospital. Later the palace became the headquarters of Soviet Air Force, and then hosted the Zhukovsk Engineers’ Aeronautic Academy. Restaured as faithfully as possible, Petrovsky Putevoi Palace became the Reception House of Moscow’s Government in 2008. It also includes a hotel. It is planned for a new building to be added in the same style and for the main building to be turned into a museum.
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