Almshouse of count Sheremetev

It was count Nikolai Sheremetev who ordered the construction of this building. It started in 1792 and was conducted by architect Elizvoi Nazarov. The initial project planned two circular wings starting from the church and indicating the centre of the structure. A columned portico marked the entrance. The count’s wife died in 1803. Nikolai Sheremetev decided to turn the almshouse into a monument to commemorate her while letting it fulfill its primary purpose. Famous Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi, a friend of the countess’s, was put in charge of the building’s reconstruction. He turned the almshouse into the sumptuous palace that we now know. The count died in 1809, a year before the almshouse was unveiled. In 1812, the almshouse was turned into a hospital and welcomed Russian as well as French soldiers hurt in the battle of Borodino. It then went back to this military hospital function every time that such event happened in Russia. Nowadays, and since 1919, it enables the ill of any social conditions to be taken care of for free.
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