Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge

The Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge (Great Stone Bridge) that we know today was built in 1938. It is located at the western end of Kremlin, right in front of the Cathedral of the Christ-Savior. Despite its name, the bridge is mainly made of steel. Historically, a first bridge in stone was erected on the Moscow River as soon as the late 17th century. The construction started in 1643 and lasted for 50 years. It was 170 meters long, 24 meters wide and 15 meters long spans. Before it received the name “Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge” it was called Vsesvyatsky Bridge (All Saints Bridge). Partially copied on roman aqueducts, it consisted of three arcs. At its southern end a kind of palace was erected. The bridge had six gates and many stores. However those disappeared in the 18th century so as to allow religious processions to cross the bridge. Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge disappeared in 1859 and was replaced by a three-span bridge made of metal supported on stone pillars. Again this bridge was replaced by the one that we now know.
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