Arkhangelskoye Estate

The Arhangelskoye Estate is located in Moscow northwestern outskirts. It was named after the Church of the Archangel Michael built on the estate. It became the property of the princes Golitsyn in 1703 but was then abandoned for about half a century after prince senator Dmitri Goltsyn fell into disgrace and was arrested in 1736. In 1810, the estate on which had been built a huge palace designed by French architect Charles de Guerne was bought by Prince Nikolai Yussupof. Thanks to him, the estate entered its golden age and welcomed Russian Emperors as well as aristocracy and high society. Arkhangelskoye Estate, consisting of the Grand Palace, the Caprice miniature palace, pavilions, gardens, columns, among other things, became a museum in Soviet times. It houses paintings dating from the 17th to the 19th century, sculptures, engravings and decorative art. It also contains a library made of 16,000 rare books. Since 1998, just like in its time of glory, many cultural and artistic events are held each year on the estate.
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