Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky

This monument is dedicated to Vladimir Mayakovsky (July 7, 1893-April 14, 1930). He was a poet, playwright, scriptwriter, director, movie artist, painter and editor of the journal “LEF” (leftwing). When he died national funerals were organized on Stalin’s order. The latter considered Mayakovsky to be a “national poet”. A competition was organized so as to decide which sculptor would have the great honor of portaying the artist. Sculptor Alexander Kubalnikov won. It took him ten years to achieve this bronze statue no less than 6 meters high and supported by an 85 tons pedestal where one can read an extract of the poem “At the top of my voice”: “And I, as if a spring of humanity, born in labor and in fight, celebrate my Motherland, my Republic!” Unveiled on July 28, 1958 this monument was considered as a real masterpiece. It expertly portrays Vladimir Mayakovsky. Called until 1992 “Mayakovsky Square”, the square where the monument to Mayakovsky stands has now been renamed “Triumfalnaya Square”.
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