Izmailovo Park

Izmailovo Park can pride itself on being the vastest par in Russia’s capital. Consisting of “Izmailovo leisure Park” and “Izmailovo Forest Park”, it covers an area of 3,700 acres. Its current name comes from boyar family Izamilov, owners of the village that was there in the 16th century. In 1654, boyar Nikita Romanov inherited of the village. Peter the Greant and Empress Anna Ivanovna lived on the estate. Although later the estate lost much of its prestige and was almost entirely abandoned, some buildings form the 17th century including a five steeples’ cathedral as well as the Bridge Tower (architecturally similar to Kremlin) remain. After the restoration of the Izmailovo estate in the early 1930s the park was born and named “Stalin Park”. It kept changing and evolving year after year. Izmilovo Leisure Park is devoted to all kind of leisure activities for summer as well as winter. It also is a cultural centre as it is the home of many festivals and exhibitions. Izmailovo Forest Park received the status of “protected are” in 1998 because of the richness of its fauna and flora. It consists of many ponds, a river and an island.
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