“Neskuchny Sad” Garden

Located close to Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, “Neskuchny Sad” literally translates to “not-so-boring garden”. This name comes from princely family Trubetskoy. In the 18th century, they built a country house on this land called “Neskuchny”. The house later changed owners and went through many modifications to become, in the end, a palace. Other constructions were also added. After welcoming Tsar Nicolas I’s family during his coronation, the estate became imperial property and took its current name. Many old buildings were preserved and still are. Stretched on 148 acres, “Neskuchny Sad” is worthy of its name: it offers many opportunities to take part in relaxation or various sports all year long as well as enjoy a panoramic view of Moscow from the bank of the park.
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