Losiny Ostrov National Park

Losiny Ostrov (Moose Island) is one of the first national reserves in Russia. With its 12,000 ha (29,000 acres), it stretches on both Moscow and its outskirts. This true greenbelt is the home of close to a thousand plants and just as much wildlife. The land where the park now stretches was inhabited as early as the 11th-12th centuries as proved by archeological excavations. Other excavations found the remnants of a 17th century palace that belonged to Tsar Alexis I. He would settle in the palace when coming for hunting parties or just as a stop. Another palace was built by Prince Alexander Menchikov in the early 17th century but today pretty much only the foundations remain. The total cultural and historical heritage of the park is nevertheless not outdone, as it gathers close to two hundred monuments including some orthodox religious structures. With over 8,500 acres dedicated to leisure and relaxation the park now sets up many excursions and exhibitions with various thematic. It includes, among other things, the visit of “Moose Museum” and the biological station dedicated to these animals.
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