Komsomolsky Garden

Komsomolsky Garden is the keeper of the whole city’s memory, from the time of its foundation under the name of Tsaritsyne to the contemporary Volgograd. In the 17th-19th centuries one of the largest graveyards of Tsaritsyne was located there. In the 19th century, the graveyard was closed and Scorbyashchenskaya (grieving) square was built. During the battle of Stalingrad, in August 1942m the garden welcomed the civilians who want to go and fight for their city. This is where the municipal defense committee took place. Komsomolsky Garden hosted the grave of general Vasily Glazkov, commander of the 35th division of infantry that took part in the city defense. A monument to the heroes and defenders of the city was erected in the Garden in 1949.
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