Church of St John the Warrior

The history of this church is linked to Peter the Great. Since 1671 there had been a stoned church standing near this one that had the same nam, however it was located on a flood-risk area. The story says that the Tsar once saw the church when it was flooded. When he learned that the church was dedicated to St John the Warrior he exclaimed: “But this is our patron saint!”After that he ordered for a new church to be built on the hill. The story says that he gave the plans himself and took part in financing the project. The work started in 1709. Its architect, Ivan Zarudny, conceived it as a mix between Naryshkin baroque, Ukrainian baroque and some influences from Europe. It was consecrated in 1717. The church was not damaged by the 1812 fire. However it was not spared by Napoleon’s army and was destroyed. The restoration started in 1840. During the Soviet era all the church’s items were confiscated but it didn’t shut down. The church received elements from other religious structures that had either been destroyed or closed.
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