Trinity Cathedral

This cathedral is located on Izmailovsky Avenue. It used to be the regimental church of the Izmailovsky guards regiment. A wooden church had been built for them in 1756. However it was damaged by a flood in 1824 and as it had become outdated, Nicolas I ordered the construction of a new stoned cathedral. Vassily Stassov was put in charge of designing it. The first stone was laid in 1828 on Saint Trinity day. The Trinity Cathedral, built in empire style, was completed in 1835. It is crowned by five beautiful blue domes dotted with golden stars. The largest, in good weather, can be seen from 20 km away. Shut down in 1930, the religious building lost all of its military symbols such as the “Glory Column”. This monument made up of a hundred and eight cannons taken in the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878) and put up in 1886, was simply melted down. A copy was recreated in 2005. The cathedral suffered from the bombings of World War II. Renovation work took place in the 1960s. In 1990, it was returned to the Church. In 2006 during a second renovation a fire almost entirely destroyed the main dome. Now it has been restored again and has recovered its former splendor.
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