Saint Pantaleon’s Church

This church replaced a first one made of cob that had been consecrated in 1722. Peter the Great ordered for the construction of another church to honor Saint Pantaleon of Nicomedia. The Russian Navy won two battles on July 27th (in 1714 and 1720) and that is the Saint’s day. The building that we can see now was built in 1735-1739 in baroque style by architect Ivan Korobov. Partially rebuilt in 1834-1835, it sports a late empire late. Later the façade underwent modifications and its structure was extended several times. In 1912, tablets commemorating the regiments involved in the battles of Gangut (1714) and Grengam (1720) were added to the façade. Shut down in 1935, Saint Pantaleon’s church was used as a cereal storage place and as a textile store. It was returned to the Church in 1994 and restored.
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