Church of the birth of Saint John the Baptist

This Kammeny Island's church was built in 1776-1778 by architect Georg Veldten. With its bricks and red-colored walls its style is called “pseudo Russian Gothic”. Therefore it looks like a catholic church. Initially it was meant for the residents of a house for the disabled of the Baltic fleet, but Emperor Paul I decided to give it to the Knights of Malta. He granted sanctuary to the knights in Saint Petersburg after Malta was taken over by Napoleon Bonaparte. The order was abolished under Alexander I and the church was taken from them. Poet Alexander Pushkin had three of his children baptized in this church. Closed in 1937, all the belongings of the church were lost. Returned to the Church in 1989, religious services resumed a year later. Near the church is Kamennoostrovsky Palace, which was built by the same architect. It was designed for Paul I.
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