Stroganov Palace

The members of the Stroganov family were merchants, manufacturers, landowners and statesmen. They were considered as the richest family in Russia, and a saying is dedicated to them: “Richer than a Stroganov, you won’t be”. Baron Sergei Stroganov, famous painting collector, requested for the palace to be built. Its Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli started the work in 1752. In two years, he completed a marvel of baroque art. In the late 18th-early 19th centuries, the interior of the palace was reshaped by architect Andrei Voronikhin in classical style. The collection started by Sergei Stroganov constantly grew after him. In 1897 it was displayed in an art exhibition that was to be forever remembered. The palace remained property of the Stroganov family until they had to leave Russia after the 1917 Revolution. A museum was opened in the castle in 1919 but it closed 10 years later. Since 2003 and after a complete restoration Stroganov palace became a branch of the Russian Museum.
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