Tauride Palace

Tauride is a fromer Russian province located in the current south of Urkaine including Crimea. Its governor in the late 18th century was Prince Grigori Potemkin, favorite of Catherine II. This palace, meant to be the home of the Prince, was built between 1783 and 1789. Its architect Ivan Starov, designed one of the largest palaces in the new Russian capital city. The classical style building opens on a portico with six Doric columns surmounted by a dome. A park and a harbor were added. When the Prince died in 1791, the palace became property of the crown. Catherine the Great stayed in it frequently. From 1906, it hosted the Russian Empire State Duma (Legislative Assembly). After the 1917 Revolution, it was used as the headquarters of the temporary government for a while, then it became that of Petrograd’s Soviet, and that of the Russian Constituting Assembly of 1918. Later it was abandoned. After the Second World War it hosted the Upper School of the Party. Since 1990, Tauride Palace has become the home of the Interpaliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth States.
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