Baikal Trekking

This tour is not available and is archived.
Easy - nothing more than normal walking while sight-seeing
Moderately Easy - 1-3 hours of physical activity daily
Moderate - 3-5 hours of physical activity daily
Challenging - 5-7 hours of challenging physical activity daily
Extreme - 7+ hours of challenging/extreme physical activity daily
Basic — most of nights in tents or rooms with shared WC, some nights in comfortable rooms.
Standard — most of nights in comfortable rooms, some nights in tents or rooms with shared WC.
Upgraded — all nights in comfortable rooms.
  • Popular itinerary aimed at discovering the riches of the unique nature of Lake Baikal
  • Adventurous but at the same time comfortable travel
Tour Overview

Lake Baikal offers magnificent itineraries of trekking at a leisurely pace walking on popular routes. This time we invite you to adventure trekking that route is divided into two parts: eastern shore of Lake Baikal and its biggest Olkhon Island, shaman's land. 

Having left Irkutsk for Bolchoye Goloustnoye where trekking will start we will reach Listvyanka in four days. During all this route we will enjoy the Baikal panorama from the bird's-eye view from the one hand, from the other one Siberian taiga with its rich colors. Than the landscapes will change when we will arrive on Olkhon Island where we will continue trekking with an overnight in the true yourta. Discovery of small Buryat villages on the island, sacred rocks, white sand beaches and endless steppes will make this trekking unforgettable.

You will not have to carry your luggage with you, we will care about it. So for the first four days you will need to take the most necessary things with you (prepare a medium backpack), the rest we will bring to you to Listvyanka on the 5th Day when you will go to Olkhon Island. You will have to bring your personal things neither on Olkhon Island: you will be accompanied with a vehicle, so you can always have a rest. Furthermore a hot lunch and dinner will be waiting for you!

Tour programme
  • Day 1
    Arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to the office of BaikalNature where you can leave your luggage and take necessary clothing and personal items for four days of trekking. You will get the rest on the 5th Day when the driver will pick you up in Listvyanka and will bring you to Olkhon Island. Meeting with the guide, discussion of the program. Transfer to Bolchoye Goloustnoye. Lunch. Free time. Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
  • Day 2
    Breakfast. Morning departure for trek to Bolchaya Kadilnaya Valley. You will hike 18 km (11,3 mi) carrying your personal stuff. Outdoor picnic. Continuation of trekking. Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
  • Day 3
    Breakfast. Morning keep trekking to Bolchiye Koty. You will hike 10 km (6,25 mi). Outdoor picnic. Continuation of trekking. Discovery of Skriper rock, famous for its cavern where the archaeologists found hunting tool and fragments of utensils of the Iron Age. Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
  • Day 4
    Breakfast. Morning keep trekking to Listvyanka. You will go 15 km (9,4 mi). Lunch outdoor. Arrival in Listvyanka. Opportunity to visit fish markets (extra charge). Accommodation at the guest house. Bania in the evening. Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
  • Day 5
    After breakfast departure for Olkhon Island. Lunch in a Buryat cafe serving the traditional cuisine: posy, chebureki, Buryat tea etc. Crossing the strait "Olkhonskiye Vorota" ("Olkhon Gates") by ferry. Transfer to Kharantsy by 4x4. On the way visit to Burkhan rock, residence of the Baikal God. Dinner. Accommodation in yurt.
  • Day 6
    After breakfast hiking (without carrying your luggage) from Kharantsy to Urochishe Pestchanoye. You will go 15 km (9,4 mi). Outdoor lunch and dinner. Overnight in tent on beach near the remains of former Gulag.
  • Day 7
    After breakfast hiking (without carrying your luggage) from hamlet Pestchanoye to Khoboy Cape, shaman sacred place, breathtaking view. You will go 15 km (9,4 mi). Outdoor lunch and dinner. Overnight in tent near the cape.
  • Day 8
    After breakfast trekking (without carrying your luggage) from Khoboy Cape to the weather station in Uzury. You will go 11 km (6,9 mi). Outdoor lunch. In the evening festive dinner and banya. Overnight at the meteorologist's place.
  • Day 9
    After breakfast departure for Irkutsk, crossing the strait Olkhonskiye Vorota by ferry. Lunch at a roadside cafe. Arrival in Irkutsk. End of the program.
                    Detailed description
                    New departures available soon
                    Price includes
                    • English-speaking guide
                    • Accommodation as per itinerary
                    • Transport as per itinerary
                    • Excursions and visits as per itinerary
                    • Reserves and national parks entrance permissions
                    • Tent rental
                    • Transfer from airport / railway station on first day
                    • Banya
                    • Luggage transport
                    • Letter of invitation
                    Price does not include
                    • Medical insurance
                    • Personal expenses and tips
                    • Visa fees and travel insurance
                    • Transfer to airport / railway station on last day
                    • Optional activities
                    • Camping outfit rental
                    • Sleeping bag rental
                    • Airline tickets
                    • Dry bag rental
                    For more info, please download the detailed description of the trip.

                    The price is given for the group of 8 persons. If the number of participants is less than 8, the following supplement is applied: + 2 200 RUB / pers. for the group of 7 participants + 5 000 RUB / pers. for the group of 6 participants + 10 600 RUB / pers. for the grup of 5 participants + 15 700 RUB / pers. for the grup of 4 participant + 28 100 RUB / pers. for the grup of 3 participant + 47 700 RUB / pers. for the grup of 2 participant The price includes banya on Day 4, 8 The price does not include breakfast on Day 1 and dinner on Day 9 Single supplement 1 000 roubles

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