Baikal By Kayak 2014

This tour is not available and is archived.
Easy - nothing more than normal walking while sight-seeing
Moderately Easy - 1-3 hours of physical activity daily
Moderate - 3-5 hours of physical activity daily
Challenging - 5-7 hours of challenging physical activity daily
Extreme - 7+ hours of challenging/extreme physical activity daily
Basic — most of nights in tents or rooms with shared WC, some nights in comfortable rooms.
Standard — most of nights in comfortable rooms, some nights in tents or rooms with shared WC.
Upgraded — all nights in comfortable rooms.
11 Days
  • Itinerary aimed at autonomy and immersion in nature
  • Discovery of inaccessible place of Baikal
  • Possibility to stay in the most beautiful places of journey
  • Opportunity to see Baikal fresh water seals
  • Trekking to the north of Olkhon island
  • Staying at meteorologist's family in Uzury
Tour Overview

This voyage is specially for those who seek seclusion from all civilization and entire immersion in nature. The main goal is to let you enjoy a long trip on kayak and minimize all typical features of "a civilized tour": hotels, transport, crowd...

On the one hand, this idea allowed to reduce considerably your budget : very important thing! On the other hand, the kayak is an excellent way to get some privacy, comfort and cover long distances.

The layout of the itinerary passes through symbolic places of Baikal, most of which are accessible only by kayak, like caves, Cape Kobylia Golova, islands of the Small Sea or "Belfry"of Peschnaya Bay. We will also see Nerpas (Baikal fresh water seals) where the kayak is the single means of transport that does not frighten animal.

Thus, we put our kayaks into the water at Bolchoe Goloustnoe and sailing in the south up to the Village Bugul'deika crossing the famous Peschanaya Bay, where we will make a break for the half of the day to discover all treasures. After 5 days of autonomy way, we will get off to the southern part of the Olkhon island. There we could have a rest : nice beds and russian banya! With the next day begins the second part of voyage - discovery of the geographic, historical, and cultural heart of Baikal. Starting out from the south of Olkhon, we will go the north passing picturesque bay - Maloye More, Small Sea. We are going to spend two last nights of the journey in Uzury village staying at meteorologist's family. We'll have a chance to explore Khoboy cape, shaman's worship, and enjoy a spectacular view 360 over the lake!

Many times itinerary will allow to walk around the coast, discover taiga and views of the lake.

Last models of sea kayak Triton, russian brand, are used to provide security and comfort. These collapsible kayaks have a rigid structure, inflatable edges that make it unsinkable. For navigating and transporting comfortably, you will seat by two in a three-seat kayak.

Get inspired while reading attentively "Day by Day" and looking at map!

Our offer is UNIQUE.

Tour programme
  • Day 1
    IRKUTSK - BOLCHOE GOLOUSTNOE - USHKANY CAPE Meeting at BaikalNature's office. Early morning departure to Bolchoe Goloustnoy: 130 km of road and track. Arriving at the village and lunch in a cafe. Mounting kayaks, placing baggage and equipment. Introduction to the kayak's control. Discover bottom's lake in the lower depths of the pretty and awesome river delta Goloustnaya. Trip to Ushkany Cape. Overnight in the tent.
  • Day 2
    CAPE USHKANY - BAY SREDNIY KHOMUTY Continuation of trip to the north. After yesterday's training, today we will do a few more kilometers. Night in the bay Sredniy Khomuty.
  • Day 3
    BAY SREDNIY KHOMUTY - SENNAYA BAY Navigation to Sennaya Bay near Peschanaya Bay. Encamp. Walk around and exploration of Sennaya Bay.
  • Day 4
    SENNAYA BAY - BELIY CAPE All-day travelling to the north along the mountains and the taiga. This is the longest part of the journey. Overnight in Beliy Cape (White Cape).
  • Day 5
    BELIY CAPE - BUGUL'DEIKA - ZAGLI BAY Short passage to the village of Bougouldeïka. Dismantling kayaks, transfer to the south of Olkhon Island. Lunch on the way in a restaurant Buryat village Elantsy. Opportunity to taste some Buryat dishes, including the famous "pozy." Crossing of the Olkhonskiye Vorota Strait by ferry. Overnight in Zagli Bay. Rest! Possibility to mount a hill with a panoramic view on the Maloye More and the south of the island. Banya in the evening.
  • Day 6
    ZAGLI BAY - TACHKAY CAPE A Day to take risk- islands and peninsulas of the south Olkhon. You will be impressed by the change of scenery and the beauty of the steppe. Discovery of Kobylia Golova Cape (Horse Head), then explorarion of Ogoï island and its Buddhist stupa. Night on the beach at Tashkay Cape.
  • Day 7
    TACHKAY CAPE - SARAISKY BEACH Passage along the central part of Olkhon island. Discovery of the legendary Burkhan rock (also known Chamanka or Shaman rock) - sacred place and house of God Baikal! Night on the sandy Saraisky beach, not far from the Rock.
  • Day 8
    SARAISKY BEACH – PESCHANAYA BAY Crossing to Peschanaya Bay (a new sandy bay!). Installation of the camp near the beach. Rest. Discovery of sand dunes and remnants of the former Gulag that existed during Stalin's era!
  • Day 9
    PESCHANAYA BEACH - UZURY Free time before noon : enjoy the beach, go for a swim or explore the area! Storage of kayaking equipment and transfer to Uzury, on the opposite shore of the island. Installation in Yuris’ guest rooms, in the meteorologist's family. Discovery of the area. Climb the hill offering a spectacular view on Uzury bay, the north of Olkhon island and Maloye More. Banya in the evening!
  • Day 10
    UZURY – KHOBOY- UZURY Trekking to the northern tip of Olkhon island along the coast. Discovery of Khoboy Cape. Lunch on site (picnic). Discovery of Sagan- Kuchin Cape (Cape of Three Brothers). Return to Uzury. Free time. Banya in the evening.
  • Day 11
    UZURY - IRKUTSK Day of return to Irkutsk. Rediscover of Olkhon Island and its steppes from the earth, passing through magnificent Tajeranskye steppes. Explore taiga, countryside, and villages of Russia. Lunch in a road Buryat cafe. Arrival in Irkutsk at 18 hours. End of the program.
                        Detailed description
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                        Price includes
                        • English-speaking guide services
                        • Accommodation as per itinerary
                        • Transport as per itinerary
                        • Meals
                        • Medical insurance
                        • Excursions and visits as per itinerary
                        • Reserves and national parks entrance permissions
                        • Tent rental
                        • Banya
                        • Letter of invitation
                        • Camping outfit rental
                        • Kayak and equipment rental
                        • Dry bag rental
                        Price does not include
                        • Administrative registration
                        • Personal expenses and tips
                        • Visa fees and travel insurance
                        • Transfer from airport / railway station on first day
                        • Transfer to airport / railway station on last day
                        • Sleeping bag rental
                        • Airline tickets
                        For more info, please download the detailed description of the trip.

                        Breakfast on 1 Day; lunch/dinner on 1,5,11 Days (not included) If the number of participants is less than 5, the following supplement is applied: - group of 2 - 31640 RUB / pers. - group of 3 - 13150 RUB / pers. - group of 4 - 5980 RUB / pers.

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