In the Footsteps of Russian Princes

This tour is not available and is archived.
Easy - nothing more than normal walking while sight-seeing
Moderately Easy - 1-3 hours of physical activity daily
Moderate - 3-5 hours of physical activity daily
Challenging - 5-7 hours of challenging physical activity daily
Extreme - 7+ hours of challenging/extreme physical activity daily
Basic — most of nights in tents or rooms with shared WC, some nights in comfortable rooms.
Standard — most of nights in comfortable rooms, some nights in tents or rooms with shared WC.
Upgraded — all nights in comfortable rooms.
6 Days
  • Visit of medieval Russian Princes' lands
  • Visit of main spiritual landmarks of the Russian Orthodoxe Church
  • Discovery of handwork traditions of the Golden Ring
  • Discovery of culinary ans cultural russian traditions
Tour Overview

You dream to visit Russia's craddle? you wish to listen to breathtaking stories about first Russian Princes? you would like to have an insight into Russian culture and traditions? you are interested in Russian orthodox Art?

An unforgettable adventure across the Golden Ring awaits you!

During those 6 days, you will discover some of the oldest russian cities which have been built between the 12th and the 14th centuries. Located north-east from Moscow, they are nowadays known as Golden Ring's cities. Their convenient location on a rich black soil  along the Volga river and its tributaries made them the political, economical, cultural and religious centre of medieval Russia after Kiev desintegrated due to Mongol invasions.

The cities of the Golden Ring have been many times described as an open-air museum. Indeed, their magnificient historic buildings tell us better than any book the history of Russia and its first Princes.

In the early moring you will meet your guide at the hotel, heading to Sergiyev Possad to visit the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church: the Trinity Lavra of St Sergius. At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to put russian decorative arts into practice with the help of professional artists. In the afternoon, you will visit the Botik museum, clamed to be the birth place of Russian Navy, located on the picturesque shores of Lake Pleshcheyevo.

After a good night of sleep, you will visit Rostov Veliky and its charming Kremlin. Later on, you will discover the pretty town of Uglich, which is forever linked to the tragic history of Tsarevich Dmitry. Then a Russian vodka tasting will cheer you up!

The next day, you will head to Kostroma, visit the monastry St Ipaty and discover traditional architecture and peasant life as it was in the old times.

Our trip on the footsteps of Russian Princes goes on with the visit of the two Pearls of the Golden Ring: Suzdal and Vladimir, former capital of the medieval Russian State, after Kiev collapsed.

In Suzdal, you will visit magnificient middle-aged religious places and taste local honey wine (mead).

The next day, you will discover Vladimir, its famous Assumption Cathedrale, its Golden Gates and its crystal, lacquer miniatures & embroidery exhibition.

 After your return to Moscow, you will visit the historic centre of nowadays Russian capital city.



Tour programme
  • Day 1
    We advise you to have a rich breakfast and to take some snacks with you (lunch-time at 1PM) 08:00 AM - Pick up at your hotel. Departure to Sergijev Posad at 08:20 AM (Journey time: about 1 hour 30 min.) where we are going to discover the Trinity Lavra of St Sergius, one of the oldest Russian monasteries, and the current spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. 10:00 AM - Tour of the architectural ensemble of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, excursion at the exhibition “Russian Applied and Decorative Art of the 18th – 21st c.” where well-known Russian handicrafts are exhibited. To end up this tour you will take part to a master-class. The professional team of the museum is going to help you to make your own russian souvenir. 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included). 02:00 PM - Transfer to Pereslavl Zalessky (Journey time: about 1 hour 30 min.) Visit of the Botik museum. Located in the bucolic surroundings of Lake Plechsheyevo, one of the Tsar's favourite places to relax. The Botik museum offer a journey through times, back to the end of the 17th century, when Peter-the-Great undertook the development of a Russian Navy. Late afternoon, transfer to Rostov Veliky (Journey time: about 1 hour) Installation in the hotel. Dinner and night
  • Day 2
    Breakfast Rostov the Great was a cultural centre during the Middle-Ages. Princes fought for dominance of the area and during the 16th century, inhabitants used to say "on Rostov lands, there is a prince in each village". 10:00 AM - Visit of Rostov's Kremlin, a charming fortress located on Lake Nero's shores. Visit of the church of the Resurrection and the church St John the Apostle. Then visit of the exhibition "Rostov enamels works". Since the 10th century, local enamellers developped a very specific know-how, which made the reputation of Rostov. 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included) 02:00 PM - Transfer to Uglich (Journey time : about 1 hour) Uglich is located on the shores of the Volga river. A very sad and tragic event hapenned there back in the 16th century: the mysterious death of tsarevich Dmitry, son of Ivan-the-Terrible. Visit of the Kremlin with entrance in The Palace of Tsarevich Dmitry and in the and church of Prince Dmitry the Martyr. To end up the day on a positive note, visite of the museum of russian vodka with tasting! Dinner and overnight at the hotel (Journey time : about 1 hour)
  • Day 3
    Breakfast 09:00 AM - Transfer to Kostroma (Journey time: about 1 hour 45 min.) 11:00 AM - Visit of St Ipaty's monastery, outstanding example of 18th-century Russian architecture and cradle of the imperial Romanov dynasty. It is indeed nearby this monastery that Mikhail Romanov learned his appointment at the head of Russian state in 1613. 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included) 02:00 PM - Visit of the wooden architecture museum, where you will learn about the daily-life of russian people back under the rule of first Russian Princes. Free time with your guide in Kostroma, pretty fortified city overlooking the Volga river. It is said to be the land of Snegurochka, the little snow girl and her grand-father Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus). Transfer to Ivanovo's area (Journey time:1 hour -1 hour 30 min.) Installation in the hotel, dinner and night
  • Day 4
    Breakfast 09:00 AM - Transfer to Suzdal (Journey time: about 2 hours) Considered to be one of Golden Ring's pearl, this tiny fortified city surrounded by fields is full of beautiful religious buildings, built over the centuries through Russian Princes and Tsars donations. 11:00 AM - Crossing in front of Intercession convent, place of exile for wives, daughters mothers and mothers-in-law Tsars, Princes and Russian nobalty both for political and personal reasons. Visit of St Euthymius Monastery, one of the best preserved Russian medieval monastery which was simultaneously a monastery, a fortress and a prison. 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included) 02:00 PM - Visit of the kremlin including visit of the cathedral of Nativity built in 12th century, on the orders of Yuri II of Vladimir. It is known to be one of the first cathedral built not only for noble families but also for people of the area. Then, honey wine tasting in a local brewery. Installation in the hotel in Suzdal area, dinner and night
  • Day 5
    Breakfast 09:00 AM - Transfer to Vladimir (Journey time: about 40 min.) Vladimir, the "Magnificient", capital of the medieval Russian state after the destruction of Kiev. Vladimir was founded at the beginning of the 12th century by Vladimir "The one who owns the world", the last Grand Prince of Kiev. 10:00 AM - Visit of the impressive Dormition Cathedral, where Princes of Vladimir/Suzdal were crowned and celebrated there weddings. Inside the cathedrale, there are some frescoes from A. Roublev, one of the first major Russian artists. Afterwards visit of the pretty and mysterious Cathedral of St Dmitry (only outdoor), built on the orders of Prince Vsevolod III. It has been named "the stone icon" because of its stunning ornemental higher reliefs. 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included) 02:00 PM - Visit of the Golden Gates (outdoor, no entrance), built in mid-12th century on the model of Kiev and Constantinople, they are the only ones which survived almost 8 centuries. Visit of the Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures and Embroidery Exhibition, where finest local handworks are exhibited. 03:30 PM - Transfer to Bogolyubovo "God-loving" (journey time:about 20 minutes). Visit of the church of the Intercession on the Nerl. It has been built in the mid-12th century on the orders of Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky, who played key role in the economic, political, cultural and religious enlightenment of the Golden Ring cities for centuries. Installation in the hotel in Vladimir area, dinner and night
  • Day 6
    Breakfast 09:00 AM - Transfer to Moscow (Journey time: about 3 hours) 12:00 AM - Tour of the historical centre of the Russian capital (no entrance): Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin mausoleum, GUM 01:00 PM - Lunch (not included) 03:00 PM - Kremlin guided tour (Assumption cathedrale, cathedrale square, patriarchs square) End of services Optional: Overnight in the train Moscow-St Petersburg to join the tour "Imperial Jewel of the Neva River" or Transfer to the airport
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