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Altai, a vast mountainous territory, lies to the south of Siberia. It knows no borders: Mount Belukha, with its height of 4506 m, rises along the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. Two other major countries share this channel: Mongolia and China. We invite you to the Russian part of the "Golden Mountains" (another name of Altai). You will discover beautiful peaks and other treasures of the region. Altai also has endless steppes, impenetrable taiga, numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls. This diversity favours fauna species variety: brown bear, elk, wolf, golden eagle and others. The Altai Republic is a land steeped in history. Being inhabited since prehistoric times, it offers an opportunity to appreciate the cultures of the past. Welcome to Altai and you will discover a world apart.

Country: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China,
Russian federal subjects:

  •    Altai Republic (capital: Gorno-Altaysk)
  •    Altai Krai (administrative center: Barnaul)

Russian Altai Location: Southern Siberia
Highest point: Mount Belukha (4 506 m),
Climate: temperature continental climate, hot summers, cold winters.
Time difference:

  •   Moscow: + 3 h.


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8 days / June - October / Active Tour
Rafting on the Katun river
From 406 $ / 376 € / 23 300 RUB
7 days / May - September / Active Tour
Snowmobile safari in the Eastern Altai
From 572 $ / 529 € / 32 850 RUB
4 days / December - April / Active Tour
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