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Tours to Kola Peninsula

Lake Baikal

Travel to the Kola Peninsula annually attracts many tourists who are not indifferent to the beauty of the northern nature.

The tour operator BaikalNature offers you to take a part in a journey through the entire peninsula, from the White Sea to the Barents Sea. Our tours to the Kola Peninsula are perfect for lovers of active adventure and wildlife.

The most popular tours are fishing and snowmobile safaris in the Khibiny (a perfect mountain range for skiing). The region is attractive for skiers and snowboarders, due to the fact that the weather in winter here is warmer and more snowy than in other polar regions. Another positive fact in favor of this direction is the opportunity to see a unique phenomenon - aurora !

You should also visit the Arctic in summer. This is an ideal season for hiking and rafting, where you will enjoy the silence of lakes and rocky gorges. Reaching to "Russian Lapland" is not difficult, it is enough just to buy a plane ticket from Moscow or St. Petersburg to the local city of Apatity or Murmansk, the flight time will only take two and a half hours.

The Kola Peninsula is a peninsula in the far northwest of Russia. Constituting the bulk of the territory of Murmansk Oblast , it lies almost completely to the north of the Arctic Circle and is bordered by the Barents Sea in the north and the White Sea in the east and southeast. The city of Murmansk is the most populous human settlement on the peninsula with a population of over 300,000.
The coastlines are attractive and convoluted. You will be surprised by unbelievable nature found in lands within the peninsula.  Take your chance to see the aquatic fauna in its variety: herring, cod, halibut or sea bass - lakes and watercourses gather a wide range of northern fish. You will find local wildlife to be diverse as well as maritime life, with foxes, sables, brown bears, wolfs, arctic foxes and reindeers. It is interesting to go for a walk to its natural parks. Besides, Kola Peninsula is a place of location of “Lapland” and “Kandalakcha” natural reserves, the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden and Institute which are the northernmost in the Russia.
Join us without any hesitation to the adventure on the ancient territory of Sami and Lapp!

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