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Tours to Lake Baikal

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Baikal has been waiting for you for millions of years! And so you decided to immerse yourself into the wild nature, discover unexplored trails, breathe freedom! We will help you to organize your holiday on Lake Baikal! BaikalNature has been developing beneficial and interesting tours to Lake Baikal for 10 years, and for sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the prices we can offer. We are happy to give you a choice of various options for an unforgettable trip to Siberia! Our tours to Baikal are suitable for every fan of active adventures and lovers of wildlife nature, the same as for families with kids. One of the most exciting activities of our tours are: 4x4 off road driving, kayaking and ice trekking tours. Take part in one of the tours and you will experience lots of unlimited emotions. Our tours to Baikal already include accommodation in hotels, meals, excursions around Baikal and services of an experienced guide, from whom you will learn amazing legends and stories about the deepest lake on Earth and the peculiarities of the local residents' life. We will be happy to organize individual tours to Baikal from any place of our planet at any date convenient for you.
Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia, can hardly be likened to a simple lake. And how can it be otherwise? The world's oldest at more than 25 million years old, 636 km long Lake Baikal is known for its depth and the purity of its waters. Indigenous peoples have not deceived by calling it the Sacred Sea. It is feared and revered. We must say that shamanic and earth spirits are everywhere here. The Baikal is inhabited by Burkhan (meaning God). Its residence is located on Olkhon Island. This treasure is considered to be the heart and the energetic center of the lake. Lake Baikal is a real celebration of diversity. It is rich in flora and fauna, two thirds of the animals are endemic.  The lake is adorned with the picturesque shores. Steppes, meadows, marshes, tundra and high mountains stretch for 2,000 km of the shoreline. Moreover  the Baikal itself also changes. Each season gives a whole new face. We, who live near the Baikal, have real passion for it. Come and share our feelings!
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