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Tours to Nenets Autonomous Area

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Feel the true north!

We invite you to participate in one of our tours to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, for discover this region of the reindeer and experience a severe climate. In Northwest of Eurasia, there is a federal subject named Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is surrounded by the Barents Sea, the White Sea and the Kara Sea. The majority of its land is found on the Arctic Circle and includes the Kanine Peninsula and Kolguyev Island. This poorly inhabited region in Russia is perfect for lovers of outdoor activities, fishing and ecotourism.

For arrival to this location you only need to take a ticket from Moscow to Natyan-Mal (the administrative center of Nenets Autonomous Okrug) and in 2 hours 30 mins you will already be in the far land, most of the territory of which is beyond the Arctic Circle.

The land of Nenets is populated by indigenous people named Nenets. They are nomadic people, who breed reindeers. But due to the severe climate the main part of its territory is characterized as tundra, but we can also find forests and marshy places. Local fauna is of modest diversity. The wildlife is represented by colonies of birds, polar foxes and reindeers. We invite you to visit this area and discover its pristine nature.

The most attractive activities for travelers in this region are:

  • - Acquaintance with local residents - Nenets, which for many years retain their cultural traditions, passing from generation to generation.
  • - Fishing. There you can find more than 30 species of fish, including large ones such as: salmon, whitefish, burbot.
  • - Snowmobile driving and reindeer sledding on the snow-covered Tundra.
  • - Possibility to see the polar lights it is the one of the reasons to visit the Arctic.
    • You will visit the shore of the Arctic Ocean and admire the amazing landscape of the polar tundra, at the very edge of the Earth!

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