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The Sakhalin Island, lying in the Pacific Ocean, is surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan. Due to its location in the Siberian Far East, the island has a cold and humid climate, ranging from humid continental in the south to subarctic in the centre and north. The local temperatures see dramatic changes, dropping to - 48 °C in winter and raising to +22 ° C in summer.

The island’s flora and fauna seem stunning! More than nine-tenths of the island’s territory is covered with dense forests: larches and firs are the chief trees, spruce Japan, ash, Manchurian and Mongolian oaks, Kuril bamboo and giant ferns also enrich the forest’s diversity.  The island’s wildlife is composed of various animal species: bears, foxes, sables, otters, reindeer, musk deer, hares, squirrels. The waters around the island swarm with marine mammals such as sea lions, whales and different kinds of fish.

Be enchanted by the mystery of the Sakhalin island and take the time to participate in a great discovery. You will be surprised by the unique island's beauty and the variety of activities we can offer.

Federal district: Sakhalin oblast

Localization: Far eastern, Sea of Japan and Sea of Okhotsk

Climate: temperate with cold currents of Pacific Ocean

Ethnic group: Chuvash people, Nivkh people and Mordvins

Time difference: +7h Moscou

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Classic Sakhalin
From 2045 $ / 1884 € / 116 400 RUB
11 days / July - July / BaikalNature Limited Edition tour
Cruise to the Sea of Okhotsk
From 7649 $ / 7046 € / 435 500 RUB
12 days / June - June / BaikalNature Limited Edition tour
Fire ring
From 8334 $ / 7677 € / 474 500 RUB
13 days / May - June / BaikalNature Limited Edition tour
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